We see Radiant Life Church as a place where the power of God is changing lives, a church that is impacting the community one family at a time and a ministry of regional influenc and beyond.

Our Mission

To help people . . .

with God through worship and others through fellowship

our church and community using our gifts, talents and abilities for God’s glory and purposes

to become fully-committed followers of Jesus

the unchurched of our community and beyond

Our Core Values

– We must love and serve God with everything we have, offering Him our best efforts.
– We must be a Spirit-filled church sensitive to His leading and reliant on His power, leading people to an encounter with God.
– We must present the gospel message in relevant and practical ways for successful everyday living.
– We must be a grace-filled community with an outward focus that loves and accepts everyon.
– We must prepare God’s people for works of service that will minister to the church and unchurched.
– We must be a church that strengthens and supports the family unit and passes the gospel to the next generation.